About Local Load

Local Load is an extension for Mozila Firefox that uses three HTML5 compliant custom data attributes to tell the browser that this script can instead be loaded from local disk. Those three attributes are:

A value of true lets the browser know that this script was intended to be replaced
Indicates to Local Load which JavaScript framework this script was intended to replace
Tells Local Load what version of the JavaScript framework it should load.
If the user is using an old version of Local Load that does not match up with the version you are serving then they will load the request from the Web, just like anyone that does not have Local Load will.
Supports a value of "latest" that will load the latest version of the script that the user has installed. Use this at your own risk.

At this time Local Load can load any script listed on the Google Ajax Framework API (save Chrome Frame, which is only intended for Internet Explorer). The version numbers there match up to the values listed there (yes, even the early version of MooTools).

When the script element that loaded the JavaScript framework has been replaced it will instead contain a data-replaced attribute as well as the corresponding data-script and data-version attributes.

Once you've installed Local Load you can download this test package and load it on your own server and examine your access logs to see that the script was indeed loaded from local disk.

Phase 2

The next phase of Local Load is to allow users to add their own scripts so that they can also be replaced by Local Load. The belief is that when this is coupled with the Mozilla Build Your Own Browser (BYOB) project (or something similar) will allow developers to deliver enterprise solutions using Web technologies with the near speed of a local application.