Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does it work?
    Local Load works similar to extensions like NoScript and FlashBlock where a listener observer is assigned to all HTTP requests. From there Local Load then detects the Web page that made the request to determine if the request matches the criteria where it can be loaded by Local Load.
  2. How do I know it worked?
    Simply view the generated source in a debugging tool such as Firebug. If the script has been replaced it will have the src attribute replaced by the respective resource requested. That or call a JavaScript function that looks something like:

    function() {
  3. Does my page need to use an HTML5 doctype for this to work?
    Local Load will run even if it the page is not servered with the HTML5 doctype (in fact, it will run even if no doctype is present). The page will not be valid, but it will still work.
  4. Does this work with NoScript?
    This extensions works as one would expect when they have NoScript is installed. If the JavaScript framework comes from a domain that NoScript would block, then the request would not even be made and Local Load will not replace the script. If the domain is allowed by NoScript then it is allowed by Local Load.